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Camela Widad: Store

Warriors Of Love


Order an autographed Copy of "Warriors of Love". We have a special buying option if you would like to have a copy or copies, gift wrapped with a custom card (from you) sent for you to someone you know would love the album.  For quantities not offered here, send us an email and we'll get you set up!

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Warriors Of Love Baby Onesie 12m size

Warriors_Baby_OnesieSUPER CUTE!  Vintage Turquoise Baby Onesie in 12month size. It's says "I'M JUST A WARRIORS AND MY WEAPON IS LOVE."  $20 + $3.50 shipping included when you BUY NOW.


"Oh, her voice! It's like bubblegum one moment and then offers a glint of rasp the next, and all the while oh-so-captivating! Camela Widad Kraemer is an accomplished touring songwriter, and has room to boast..." Women's Radio Network Widad was chosen as "Hot Up & Comer" of 2010

Camela Widad Kraemer: Before You

Before You're Gone - Camela Widad Kraemer


A heart pounding positive mix of passionate vocals, sweet harmonies and rocking full band songs for playing loud in your car with the windows down.

Camela Widad Kraemer & The Hearts of Fire: Food for the Traveler
Food for the Traveler - Camela Widad Kraemer & The Hearts of Fire


Her only completely acoustic album, has a presence of warmth and strength that comes through clear as if an old friend was gently singing to you. This music gives lyrical wisdom, syncopated rhythms, unique orchestration and a daring accapella duet on "One Love".

Camela Widad Kraemer: Call to the Soul
Call to the Soul - Camela Widad Kraemer

Eve - 1999

Inspiring, clever & risky, "Eve" delivers a variety of styles while staying true to bluesy, soulful roots. Recorded with a core of talented musicians, who's influences color this album with sounds from hard-rock, to African rhythms, sweet harmonies, to Middle Eastern & earthy riffs. It is raw, full of questions, confrontations, and raspy vocals. Yet the sweetness Widad is known for stays intact in songs "Moving", "Tide of the Moon", and "Lotus".

Camela Kraemer: Eve
Eve - Camela Kraemer