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Camela Widad: Press

Heavy stuff. This is not Taylor Swift territory. Could you imagine what Patsy Cline would think if she were able to hear a song (Undefended Love) like this one?.... Follow the link below to read the whole review.


Recently, I have been afforded a multitude of refreshing female vocalists to listen to and with the album "Warriors of Love," I discovered a voice with clear resonance and deep roots-oriented discipline. The moment I sat back and started to wade through this ten track collection I immediately felt the comfort that comes with the music of Carrie Newcomer and Cris Williamson.

Camela Widad's “Angels & Devils,” has a killer low, deep end Michael Giblin upright bass that... Follow the link below to read the whole review.

A new troubadour that deserves attention...

Review is in Italian, translation coming soon...

"Camela Widad is a welcomed newcomer to my activity as a promoter of roots music. Her CD ('Warriors of Love') shows how independent music is the best in today’s business." 

Remo Ricaldone - American Roots Radio Italy (Oct 21, 2014)
Harrisburg singer/songwriter Widad lifted the mood of all around. Something about the airiness of her phrasing, the solidity of her guitar playing and the depth of her songwriting just seemed to refocus the whole event on the idea that we’re all in this together.
Rich McKie - Tri-State Indie (Oct 31, 2012)
Oh, her voice! It's like bubblegum one moment and then offers a glint of rasp the next, and all the while oh-so-captivating! Camela Widad Kraemer is an accomplished touring songwriter, and has room to boast... (click link to read more)
Loved her music and listened to her songs many times. Camela has a lot of wisdom and insight that I especially enjoyed.
A unique voice in music today, hers is one that should definitely be heard.
Rebecca Yudenfreund - High Sierra Music Festival
Widad's musical domain often recalls the classic folk rock/pop traditions of Joni Mitchell and Judy Collins... (click link to read more)
One hallmark of good songs is that they not only stand up to repeat listening, but that the listener finds something fresh, exciting or inspirational with each new hearing. And Camela Widad Kraemer's songs have that very magical quality. Whether she's singing a meditation about the soul's longing for the beloved, or her bloodrushing upbeat number about an empire created by the coffee bean that makes you want to get up and dance - "Before You're Gone" is one of those rare albums that will continue to grow on you.
Butch Kara - KZGM - Pacifica Radio (Oct 8, 2009)
"Kraemer's graceful, confident vocals, that at times sounds like a hybrid of Natalie Merchant and Fiona Apple, draw in listeners with her melodies and gutsy sound, makng them forget that they're listening to anything other than an amazing folk-rock band. The inspirational lyrical content comes through on each song. A must listen for fans of folk-rock." (click link to read more)
You're fun, 'good energy' as they say. I've enjoyed all of your songs and I look forward to having you back someday.
John Ailey - KUT 90.5 Austin, TX