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Camela Widad: Music


(Camela Widad)
March 31, 2015
Camela Widad Kraemer

School’s out it’s 3 o’clock she’ll jump on her bike and bolt across town

It’s time to play Barbies and make believe, cuttin’ up and cool dance routines

But she wonders why her friend’s Mom

Smiles so big and this house feels like love.

Brownies baking in the kitchen

When she talks here, they listen.



When she lays down to sleep

She dreams of arms that know her

They hold her until the sun

Peaks on the horizon

But the only shoulder she’ll cry on

Is the cotton beneath her face

And she prays, ‘Oh God if you’re there,

I’ll be patient I’ll be good

kinder than I should

If you’ll show me

When it’s my turn.


When her friend says her parents never hit her

She wonders what that would be like.

Messing up doesn’t bring a world of pain.

Guess getting hit is just something you accept

After a while you learn to expect it

But could there be something better?




She was 10 minutes late getting home from that play date

She didn’t know her Dad was home

She could hear him storming up the stairs

Hid in the closet hoping she’d be spared

Last thing she heard was that door knob turn


When police were called to the house

Their hearts broke at what they found

Her broken body lying on the stairs

Her eyes full of love, she was gone too young


Now she’ll lay down to sleep

And feel the arms that know her

They hold her until the sun, rises

Now she’s got a shoulder to cry on

And she sings, ‘Oh God I know you’re there,

I’ve been patient I’ve been good

kinder than I should

So show me

That it’s my turn.