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Camela Widad: Home

Americana Folk for the unpretentious music lover. Camela Widad's new recording 'Warriors of Love' is a little bit old school folk meets 'sit on the back porch on a hot summer night. Her voice begets a dichotomy: just a little bit saintly and a little bit rock-n-roll.

"Warriors" is a collection of songs that contain a level of songwriting and musicianship that have garnered Widad critical acclaim and awards, yet seems to echo a heartfelt call of love that is gathering a global village of love warriors. Not syrupy sweet love, but the kind reflected in her lyrics that tell stories so true, heartbreaking and uplifting, that it could be called the new protest songs for a world needing a new level of hope. Take a listen on the MUSIC page or Order your autographed copy below.

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