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Camela Widad: Blog

Warriors of Love is just around the corner!

Posted on July 9, 2014 with 0 comments
Hello There!

Sometimes when I think life has got me beat the tides turn and something deeply beautiful emerges. Now I'm starting to think that is exactly what needs to happen to bring the best out of us human beings. When I've lost everything, sometimes by choice and sometimes just because of life, I get very REAL and very VULNERABLE with myself. Seems that beauty emerges from me when I'm in that place. Choosing to live undefended.

For too many years I was walking around heartbroken. Don't think it was anyone's fault but my own. I was carrying my version of the past around like an excuse, an albatross that I thought was my protecting friend. When I made a courageous decision to live my life aligned with my heart and leave the past behind, (a choice I still have to make every damn day) so many patterns died in me, new healthy ones awakened, many people fell away and my marriage was one of the casualties.

I knew it was time to make a new record but wasn't sure how that was going to go down as an artist who had not had to do this alone for 10 years, with a spunky daughter who was also turning out to be a burgeoning artist/dancer and a penchant for being self employed. Working for others has never been my forte, neither has been being domestic. I digress.

So I asked for help. From everyone and anyone who could be lovingly honest enough to help me see the forest through the trees. After some much needed (caring) kicks in the proverbial @$$, I got even more vulnerable. Wrote some new songs for the record, lined up a studio session, hit a couple of conferences and thought "I just may be able to pull this off on my own."

It was suggested I run a crowd funding campaign. So in the fall of 2013 the Warriors of Love campaign set the ship to sail and we raised close to $5K. WOW! I had no idea I could do this with you - the fans. I was humbled, driven and enlivened that I wasn't the only who believed in this music. I raised more funding on my own, saved my single Mom pennies and spent the winter and spring making a record with Michael Giblin (Split Squad, Minus Five, insanely good bassist).

Not only was it great fun making this record, Michael and I created some very real, vulnerable moments on the record that could only be described as a combination of catching the muse in the moment, working off of each others great ideas and being great creative comrades. This is a record I've always wanted to create.

So..... drum roll.....

Warriors of Love is complete! It's on its way to mastering end of July, then off to print and then to you my darlings! (celebration dance in my office where no one can see me!)

If you have pre-ordered a copy (or 10 copies) you will get them first, that is before anyone else in the whole wide world (beside our radio promoter). It will be promoted to folk radio in September and October. We will still be working to raise funding to produce the video to be release in September.

To top it all off.... we're going to throw a BIG @$$ PARTY TO CELEBRATE! (or maybe a couple of parties)

You want to be at the pre-release party for those that pre-ordered but you haven't pre-ordered yet? NO PROBLEM.... You can still pre-order or increase your amount to back the whole project and receive a poster, voice sessions or maybe a house concert and a workshop that will help to film, edit and release the music video(s). Just contact me for details.

Stay Tuned....Warriors of Love is just around the corner!

Much Love ~ Widad