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Camela Widad: Blog

An Interview with Camela Widad

Posted on February 2, 2016 with 0 comments
I met songwriter Camela Widad at Folk Alliance (SERFA) in 2013. She’s a real-deal songwriter, a Falcon Ridge Emerging Songwriter finalist, and an experienced Folk Alliance showcase artist.
I’m lucky to also call her a friend...

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Hello There!

Sometimes when I think life has got me beat the tides turn and something deeply beautiful emerges. Now I'm starting to think that is exactly what needs to happen to bring the best out of us human beings. When I've lost everything, sometimes by choice and sometimes just because of life, I get very REAL and very VULNERABLE with myself. Seems that beauty emerges from me when I'm in that place. Choosing to live undefended.

For too many years I was walking around heartbroken. Don't think it was anyone's fault but my own. I was carrying my version of the past around like an excuse, an albatross that I thought was my protecting friend. When I made a courageous decision to live my life aligned with my heart and leave the past behind, (a choice I still have to make every damn day) so many patterns died in me, new healthy ones awakened, many people fell away and my marriage was one of the casualties.

I knew it was time to make a new record but wasn't sure how that was going to go [...]
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